Powering the Future

GULF is committed to delivering efficient solutions that lay a sustainable foundation for long-term economic growth.

Connecting value chains through excellence in materiality management

to stimulate continuous value creation for its all stakeholders

Operations Management
Business Diversification

Climate Change

GULF acknowledges the critical urgency of addressing “climate change”, a global challenge that demands concerted effort from every sector of the economy.

We are committed to playing our part in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, recognizing the importance of collective action in this endeavor. In alignment with this commitment, GULF has formulated comprehensive decarbonization plans and set energy transition goals as detailed below:

Development of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
Cleaner Alternative Fuels
Venturing into New Businesses to Expand The Low-Carbon Value Chain

Developing methods and processes to optimize efficiency in our business operations

GULF is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions to customers, operating with steadfast commitment to all stakeholders.

We have established specific operational management targets to support the transition to a low-carbon society, as outlined below

On the land
Achieved Zero Operational Waste to Landfill.
Under the water
Reduce water consumption by increasing the number of cooling cycles.
In the air
Enhancement of power plant operational efficiency.

The sustainability of the business arises from continuously advancing S-curves

GULF is seeking new value and growth opportunities that align with societal and economic development, both domestically and internationally.

We are committed to diversifying investments into interconnected business groups under the concept of 'building a resilient infrastructure foundation', fostering a robust economic foundation that paves to way for a sustainable, future growth opportunities.

Energy Business
Supporting the transition to a low-carbon society.
Infrastructure Business
Enhancing commercial connectivity and transportation.
Digital Business
Unlocking new opportunities towards an interconnected future.

Propelling ambitions forward with innovation

GULF fosters sustainable growth while maintaining balance across economic, social, and environmental dimensions

We achieved this by harnessing innovation to develop processes and business practices as follows:

Innovation at Work
Innovation in Operations
Innovation in Business