Empowering the People

GULF is dedicated to advancing our business development initiatives while simultaneously improving the quality of life for people in a sustainable manner.

We prioritize stakeholder engagement

to optimize the efficiency of our value chain, thereby strengthening economic infrastructure and fostering growth as we transition toward a better future.

Customers and Local Communities
Social Development

Our Employees are the driving force behind our success

Our mission is to cultivate knowledge and harness the potential and capabilities of our human capital, fostering resilience among employees amidst global challenges.

This commitment aligns with the core values of G-U-L-F which we believe have driven our organization’s success. At present, we have a dedicated team of over a thousand employees stationed across multiple countries, contributing to the global expanse of our operations and investments.

Like-minded employees join the business journey to achieve mutual goals and uplift the quality of people’s lives proudly known as ‘GULF employees’.
operating countries across the world where GULF employees participate in economic activities and add value to their socio-environment. Consider:
projects are operating under 3 main business groups, offering opportunities for employees to synergize and innovate, together creating a sustainable future.
complaints of discrimination or harassment in the GULF workplace, reaffirming our commitment to a safe environment for both physical and mental health at work.

Our partners and our evolving sustainable supply chains

GULF is committed to risk management measures that promote our organization’s adaptability and resilience.

This is accomplished through engaging in ethical sourcing, instilling ESG values in our business relationships, and fostering partnerships with suppliers who share our commitment to creating socially responsible trading ecosystems.

of our procurement expenditures support local Thai suppliers, boosting gross domestic production and injecting capital circulation into the country’s economy
We conduct Supplier ESG assessments for both new and existing partners to mitigate risks associated with non-compliant supplies.
suppliers have participated in the pilot Suppliers ESG Training Workshop hosted by GULF
violations in environmental rights, human rights, and labor rights by suppliers resulting in illegal and unethical actions.

Customers and Local Communities

GULF conducts its business based on understanding and responding to the expectations of various stakeholders within the business value chain

with significant emphasis places upon the role of customers in driving improvements in the quality of our solution delivery. Community involvement is also crucial in reducing environmental impacts and fostering the organization's responsible growth.

clients currently served by GULF. We provide proficient services and solutions, earning trusts and loyalty from our customers.
We deliver quality solutions that are internationally certified to our clients from both the public and private sectors.
of communities in which we implemented social development initiatives.
lives whose quality of life has been uplifted through career promotion programs and modernized farming knowledge sessions

Social development, creating a positive influence under the IMPACT framework

A key principle for GULF in inclusively achieving sustainable growth

is in the sharing of opportunities and leveraging our engineering and innovation expertise to elevate the quality of life and improve living conditions for all. By integrating the GULF IMPACT framework, we design and implement projects that deliver enduring benefits to the society, ensuring no one is left behind in our journey toward sustainable growth.

Development of essential infrastructures and public spaces.
Medical Services
Enhancing access to medical services.
Imparting knowledge of modernized agricultural practices to local farmers.
Supporting sports and recreational activities.
Promoting the environmental preservation.
Teaching and Learning
Advancing access to education.